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A forgiving lesson in boating safety

Adam Gibson stands beside his 20-foot Sea Ray fishing boat at his home in Townsend, Delaware.

Story and photo by PA3 Peter Hoey After concluding a routine fishing venture June 3, 2014, Adam Gibson headed toward Port Mahon, Delaware. As he steered his 20-foot Sea Ray boat, which he has owned for the past five years, […] …read more

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Boat of the Day

The Annapolis Sailyard is proud that our Integrity 496 CE Trawler was selected as “Boat OF The Day” by the Capital Gazette during the recent United States Power Boat Show in Annapolis, MD. Please click on the link below to enjoy photographs of the Integrity 496 CE.

View …read more

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Choosing the Right Winch Handle Part 2: Length

Choosing the right The most common lengths are 8” or 10”. There can be many factors determining which is best for you but usually it comes down to which is more important in your application speed or power.

The 8” version is designed for speed. With a …read more

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Choosing the Right Winch Handle: Locking vs Non-Locking

Choosing the right winch handle can be a daunting task. With many options to choose from, we’re breaking it out into 3 main categories: locking vs non-locking, handle length and grip type.

Locking vs Non-Locking

First up is a non-locking handle, the Harken Non Locking Winch Handle. With no …read more

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Coast Guardsmen respond to disaster ashore

U.S. Coast Guard photos by Fireman Michael T. Quigley and Petty Officer 1st Class Blake Marino

The Coast Guardsmen of Station Cape Charles are used to responding to disasters at sea. On July 24 that changed as they scrambled to a scene where only their training, teamwork and devotion to duty could help them respond […] …read more

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Comparing Dinghy Boots: Waterproof or Neoprene

Not sure what type of dinghy boot is right for you? Don’t worry APS can help! The two most popular types are Neoprene or waterproof.

Neoprene boots have a zippered closure, velcro zipper keeper, and tend to be more flexible which allows a thicker than normal …read more

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Featured Station Mascot: Frisbee Dog First Class Rain of Station Little Creek

Master Chief Kilbourne practices frisbee tossing with Rain.

Mariners have been taking animal companions to sea for thousands of years, and the Coast Guard has continued this tradition. The Coast Guard has had some mascots as famous as Sinbad, who starred in his own Coast Guard advertising campaign […] …read more

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Five Things All Parents Must Know About Water Safety

140719-G-ZV557-047 Small

I am Petty Officer Tabitha Butierries, a Coast Guard search and rescue coordinator at the Fifth Coast Guard District, but today I’m writing to you as a mother of a toddler and a grade-schooler. I have been involved with Coast […] …read more

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How to Choose and Use a Soft Shackle

There are dozens of shackles you can use on a boat. Screw pin, key pin, trigger, J-Lock and more. A newer style of shackles collectively referred to as soft shackles have grown in popularity, especially as the technology for low stretch rope, specifically Dyneema and Spectra, has advanced. The …read more

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How to Install and Use the Tactick Micro Kit

Designed with the small keelboat and racing dinghy sailor in mind, the Tactick Micro Compass is minimalist in design and simple to use. The true definition of less is more.

Key features include:

  • Digital magnetic compass bearing/heading
  • Tactical compass
  • Countdown race timer
  • Wireless
  • Solar powered
  • Waterproof (up to 10m)

The Kit comes with Velcro mast …read more

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How to use the Laser Spar Carrier

The Laser Spar Carrier is ideal for any Laser storage or transport situation. It is easy to use and keep things organized. While they keep you organized, they also keep your spars and deck from getting scratched up while storing them loose on your deck or in …read more

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How to use the Ronstan Constrictor Rope Clutch

The Ronstan Constrictor Rope Clutch is a whole new way to clutch and hold halyards or tacklines. The Constrictor uses a sleeve of essentially line cover to hold the halyard fast.

Using what can most simply be described as ‘Chinese finger trap technology’ the constrictor boasts several advantages over …read more

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Make-A-Wish hero saves the weekend


The Coast Guard Jayhawk helicopter banked hard, flying around the last reported location of the distressed swimmer. The eyes of the helicopter crew were glued to the water, searching for any sign of splashing or movement. The crew’s newest member, […] …read more

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Mustang Inflatable Belt Pack: How does it Work?

Are you tired of wearing bulky life jackets while trying to enjoy the outdoors? Well, check out the Mustang Inflatable Belt Pack.

It’s worn around the waist and has a manual inflation pull tab. It’s perfect for SUPing, kayaking, and of course…sailing! It’s a Coast Guard approved, Type III PFD–this …read more

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Proud to Represent Two New Lines!

The Annapolis Sail Yard is
proud to have been selected
as the representatives for
Tayana Yachts on the East
Coast. Building a complete
line of high quality cruising
sailboats from 37′ to the new
72′ for more than 45 years,
Tayana Yachts is proud to
introduce their new 54′ Deck
Saloon model.

The Annapolis Sail Yard is proud to have …read more

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Right place, right time


Post written by PA3 Jasmine Mieszala Normally, a search and rescue call on the water is routed through a Coast Guard unit for coordination. No such call was made when a Coast Guard Auxiliary boat crew happened upon three kayakers […] …read more

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The Carolina Cup – Battle of the Borders

The teams pose with the Carolina Cup.

For several months now the Commands of Station Oak Island and Station Georgetown have been talking up a golf challenge! Mostly this consisted of trash talk, with each unit proclaiming their Carolina based unit was better. I mean, could you […] …read more

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The Roanoke River Lighthouse

Written by Tray Clifton, decendent of the Roanoke River Lighthouse’s first lighthouse keeper. The story of the Roanoke River Lighthouse began more than a century and a half ago in 1857, when Secretary of the U.S. Lighthouse Board Thomas Jenkins […] …read more

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Welcome Captain Jim

We have a new, New Guy. Capt. Jim Southward comes to Annapolis Sailyard via the Annapolis Harbor, literally. Jim has been working in the Annapolis Harbor as a water taxi captain and Harbor Queen pilot for the past four years. If you have spent any time at all on a …read more

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